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Skin Power Serum


Instantly nourish, moisturize, and balance skin with Skin Power. Nearly every ingredient of this light-weight serum/oil hybrid is focused on restoring skin health and soothing dry skin.

Key Ingredients:

Rose:  Contains antioxidants that help to strengthen skin cells, which in turn, can help regenerate skin tissues. Rose also has extremely moisturizing properties that can help to soothe itchiness and is packed with vitamin A and C.
Flaxseed Oil:  Its mucilage, essential fatty acids, phytoestrogens and Vitamin F soften, nourish and sooth the skin. 
Seaweed:  so rich in nutrients that it is used for skin homeostasis. Applied on the skin, it immediately provides the electrolytes balance and hydration to the skin, making it nourished.

Size:  30 ml

pH: 4.5-5.5

Recommended Usage:

Apply 0.25-0.5 pump of serum to face, neck, and décolleté before moisturizer.

Skin Power Serum