Complimentary shipping anywhere in Canada on retail purchases over $150

Welcome to Online Ordering.

Please read below for additional information / instructions regarding the new process for ordering going forward.



Once logged in, our new online commerce shop is flexible enough to handle Vendor products and pricing. This will simplify the ordering process and provides our partners with an easy to use / always on and available option to place orders, access product information, as well as track account history via an online Vendor Dashboard.


First thing you do is login. Use the login button (top right), input the username and password you provided, and you will be logged into your MY ACCOUNT dashboard. Once logged in you are able to access catalog and will see Vendor pricing as well as PRO products. At anytime you can also return to your dashboard by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT link (which toggles / replaces the LOGIN link)

Note: marketing materials (samples etc) are also available through the online portal – though not in the menu. Please use the search function for MARKETING and SAMPLE to access. Also, please utilize the FILTERS in the shop to help with the selection of products and related attributes.

SHOP the store and add the products you wish to order to the CART. At anytime you can change quantities within the cart. When ready to ORDER simply follow the CHECKOUT link and !IMPORTANT! choose VENDOR ORDER (more below) as the initial payment method.


  1. Login to the site. Select the products you wish to order. Add them to your cart. Adjust the quantities as required. When ready to order simply go through the checkout process and select VENDOR ORDER as method of payment. You will receive a confirmation email with the details of the Order. Note: At this point the shipping option would also be VENDOR as it gets added by us.
  2. We will receive the order and process as per the Vendor Agreement, add shipping charges, apply rebates etc and effectively finalize and ship the products.
  3. You will receive a second email notification that your order is ready to ship, at which time you are prompted to return to your vendor dashboard to remit payment. Simply select the PAY option and go through the checkout process a second time, select your method of payment (Credit Card or Paypal) and complete the transaction.

That’s it. There will be notifications and instructions along the way. And remember, at anytime you can see the status of your order through the dashboard.



Once we get everyone up and running on the new ordering system, we will be rolling out our new Vendor-Affiliate programs. This new platform will allow authorized Vendor Partners to earn commissions on referral retail purchases made via their customers. Think of it as a few extra shelves of inventory that we’ll display on your behalf. Ask us about opportunities and qualifications.


We will activate the Vendor accounts and you will have access through the same Vendor dashboard. Each account will have a unique reference URL that they can use on their own website / newsletters etc. Any traffic that originates through our Vendors and results in a purchase will automatically result in a credit to their account.

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