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Certified Organic

BDIH is an international organic certification agency that – by periodically monitoring our entire manufacturing process – reviews our products, ingredients, farming and production before providing certifications.

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Eco Farming And Harvesting

Majority of our botanical ingredients are grown on certified organic farms, where they are hand harvested. The remainder are wildcrafted under strictly supervised conditions in areas that are declared organic.

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Social Responsibility

We take our social responsibilities seriously. Part of our revenue have supported organizations – such us the World-Land Trust preserving rain forests – that help sustain the environment providing quality of life for humanity.

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Sustainable Operations

Our headquarter purchases 100% renewable (wind) energy. We also practice sustainable office management practices, such as recycling, eco-friendly shipping, energy saving roof, low VOC paints, 100% recycled carpets, etc.

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Our products do not contain GMO ingredients (genetically modified organisms), nuts and gluten. We never test our products on animals.

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Our products are suitable for vegan or vegetarian lifestyles because we love animals, too.