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Purée Bath Organics Mineral Salt Rituals NATURALE RETAIL JAR WITH SPOON


The Research Team of Szép Élet has searched to find the mineral salt source that provides the highest amount of minerals to offer the most healing and beautifying effects on the skin, body and soul. Our team discovered the Dead Sea salts with the highest mineral concentrations, and also found the highest quality processing in order to bring superior products to your spa.

The waters of the Dead Sea, the mud, and the salts extracted from it, are rich in unique concentrations of life enhancing minerals. As the ancient Roman spa ruins at the site prove, Dead Sea salt therapies have been effectively used for thousands of years.

The salts of the Dead Sea contain more than twenty natural and unprocessed minerals in concentrations 10 times higher than other sea salts. This mineral content includes magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium – all of which are important to your health. 

Research shows that concentrations of minerals such as these can improve, and in some cases alleviate, serious skin diseases such as dermatitis, skin allergy symptoms, eczema and psoriasis. Research and practice have also proven that Dead Sea mineral salts can provide relief for rheumatologic conditions, painful joints, respiratory or eye conditions and more. With the help of the detoxifying and softening effects and enhanced relaxation provided by the salt bath, you can alleviate stress and insomnia in
addition to experiencing general skin condition improvement.

Our Dead Sea salts are obtained by fractional evaporation and crystallization of Dead Sea salts from the brines. This process enriches the therapeutically valuable potassium and magnesium salts, and also retains other mineral elements of the Dead Sea. The bath salts contain no chemical additives or preservatives and are of excellent bacteriological quality.

SPECIAL ORDER:  This product is not a standard stock item and takes 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Size:  7 oz

Purée Bath Organics Mineral Salt Rituals NATURALE RETAIL JAR WITH SPOON