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Sour Cherry Toner


This anti-oxidant rich formula is perfect for reviving fatigued skin in the morning, for a bright and even complexion.

Key Ingredients:

Sour Cherry:  Used for its conditioning, refreshing, tightening and antioxidant effects.
Blackthorn:  Juice or fresh pulp from the berries helps inflammation and is very astringent.
Beetroot:  Beneficial for moisturizing and skin resurfacing properties.  Helps to diminish blemishes and Acne scars.

Size:  125 ml

pH: 3.0-4.0

Recommended Usage:

Balance pH of skin between rinsing steps by using pump to mist over face, neck and décolleté. Pat excess into skin using hands. May also be applied by spraying onto cotton and sweeping over skin.

Sour Cherry Toner