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Seven Herb Mask


Seven Herb Mask is ideal for balancing skin that is oily but may not be experiencing an active breakout.  It is highly effective in cleansing pores of impurities while providing deep hydration.

Key Ingredients:

Aloe, Stonecrop, Yarrow, Elderflower, Coltsfoot, Plantago, Spearmint

The combination of these seven ingredients is very astringent, antibacterial, and antimicrobial. They work together to draw impurities from the skin while also providing an abundance of calming and healing effects, as well as deep hydration.

Size:  50 ml

pH: 6.0-7.0

Recommended Usage:

Apply 0.5-1 tsp of mask to cleansed skin over face and neck area.  Leave on for 15-20 minutes for optimal results. Remove with a damp face towel.

Seven Herb Mask